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30 Rounds

This is progress! I’m getting through a petal pattern by Ysolda called Rose Red. Of course, I’m calling mine Rose Black. Can you see why?30 rows It’s a commission that I said I would do for a friend. I’m not a beret person and she is – big time! She also said she’d like it in black but she cannot define the stitches as well without color, so thus the request. It’s a pretty pattern. I am also designing some fingerless mitts to be knit in the same yarn to match. They are designed, and one is complete. I just need to finish the other, write up the pattern for posting, and finish this beret to send. Not too much to ask one would think. . . . . after 5 months. Eeeeeek.

The best news off the needles – pun intended – is that my clapotis is DONE!!!! I have some casual pics but forgot to have my hubby take one with my wedding guest attire. clapotis 2Clapotis 1Maybe I’ll have to pose again in the correct clothing. Maybe not. . . . It was a beach wedding and very windy! The clap took from Jan 1 to May 14 – with weaving in of ends and steam blocking on May 16. I’ll consider the earlier date the final. ūüėČ

Now, to boogie through this beret and on to finish the large size of the Infinity Peacocks Moebius Wrap that I’ve been promising. I have one excited pattern purchaser who is busy knitting away and will update me with her progress. I’d love to hear from any others, as I will diligently post any findings on the¬†errata page here.

Azalea at homeBTW, I’m a fast knitter when not encumbered by LIFE! It’s been a busy Spring with schools, events,¬†surprises,¬†and involvement in several venues. I hope to balance out by June. Only time will tell. . . . . . . . and on to round 31.


Everyone will be talking. . . .

. . . about this event.

Take one mildly wet day, tall field grass, a long drive and a long walk, highly expectant spirits, lots of livestock and what do you have?

The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival at the Howard County Fairgrounds.

Wet and Overcast in Maryland

Wet and Overcast in Maryland

I was able to get on the road by 9am and face back-ups almost onto highway I-70 from the Baltimore crowd. It took about 20 minutes from the exit to the grass field to park. (I did a u-turn after going North on rt 32 to skip some traffic). Don’t tell!


Spirits were high as I soggied my feet in the knee-high-alternating-with-trampled-and-driven-on grass. Despite wet peds, I braved the ending sprinkles and mud puddles and came, saw, conquered my first visit at this event.

Spring Lambs

Spring lambs

My favorite part was seeing all the Spring lambs grown to small sturdy kiddos baaaa-ing for mamas who were being groomed, fleeced, or shown. Those barns were full of sounds!


Who's Your Momma?

Who's Your Momma?

I¬†purchased some purple Alpaca/lambswool hanks and some pewter celtic style buttons. I’d have purchased more, but per my previous post, my SABLE is now exceeding two lifetimes. I must knit! and, I’m trying to shoehorn in the time this Spring. So busy!


Felted Rapunzel

Felted Rapunzel

Highlights: Meeting up with other Ravelers (ravelry.com) at the Rabbit barn, Seeing Jess, Casey, and Heather and getting a ravely button, meeting Laurie from PA and her daughters, seeing the variety of sheep, and viewing all of the fantastic entries: I especially liked the double knitting and felted sculptures.


Ravelry's Saturday crowd at the Rabbit Barn

Ravelry's Saturday crowd at the Rabbit Barn

I came, I saw, I conquered, then I crashed (at home on my bed) for a welcome nap!