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Variation of a pattern and the challenges I’ve caused for myself

I told you earlier I had knitter’s ADD (KADD)!

summer_2009_smallA few weeks ago, I was in Borders just browsing and couldn’t help but look at what was on the knitting mag rack. Knitter’s magazine #95, Summer 09 was shouting out ‘Buy Me! Buy Me!’

My ears are attuned to all things yarny and knitterly. ;D I sat at the back with a coffee shake and browsed from cover to cover but kept coming back to the pink caplet on the front cover. Purchased the mag. Done.

I just HAD to try it. The pattern was wonderful, but PINK? not. I decided to raid my stash and discover if I could use something up. After all, I”ve got to go into the next karmic level to use it all. I found some great variagated wool that I believe Mom gave me, and also some great teal yarn. . . . which turned out to be orlon. Selection made. Done.

The colors worked so well together I couldn’t not use them together to make the guage worDSCF7849k. The pattern called for Super Bulky. My challenge had begun. Blending NOT pink yarns of different fibers. Done.

Now, having KADD, there were no longer any circulars available and I didn’t want to drive out just for that. I found my US 13 straights and made a mental note to get something off the needles (yeah right) or purchase what I needed later for the shoulders portion of the pattern. Done.

Not one to follow exactly all of the pattern all of the time, I decided to add another cable. I thought I could use the coverage! I’m not that big, but the length needed to be just a titsch longer. . . Done.

I figured out the charting and got about 12 inches knit. Wow, love how fast a larger needle makes the progress appear! I’ve picked up and set down several times in between other projects. It’s a fun one. I’m not ready to figure out the shoulders. Have to graft the base first whenever I complete it: 44″ circumference may take awhile. But have theorized a potential color/yarn change for the shoulders as well as a split collar I can use a shawl pin on too. Still processing those ideas, so NOT done. . . . yet.

On to to post my project on my personal project pages. What? The pattern was so new, no one had written up a page for reference. I decided to do as requested and quoted the magazine’s descriptions and specifications, but left the photo blank. Afterall, the picture was from the magazine, and mine was not pink! But, Pattern reference: Done.

DSCF7847Just the other day (July 20) I got a message in my ravelry mail that they wanted to use one of my progress pics for the photo on the main pattern page! WHOOT. That’s so cool. I”m hitting landmarks this year. ;D

Can you say – crazy? I say designer. But making beauty out of knots has always been fun for me. I’ll keep you posted. My challenges keep me hopping but life could be very vanilla otherwise. ♥ Maybe by sometime in September or October I can repost and officially say: DONE!

Keep on knitting dudes/dudettes.



Will Enter Will Hope and May be Published . . . .

Got a personal (well group mail) message from Annie Modesitt because we’re ‘Friends’ on She’s modeknit there. She is leading a contest and request for submissions for and is looking for photos of inspired designs, original designs, and pictures of anyone else’s designs that were done well. The deadline is July 1 though. DSCF3715I’m going to re-photo my baby hats but my kids are too big now. If you see a crazed redhead lurking after babies, you’ll know it’s me. heeeeeee! Also working on a new design, so this is my chance for publication in a book! So Cool. You never know when a knitter will make your day. ;D


Small and Quick Projects

Hello all. I’m not neglecting my beloved blog on purpose. This is something I truly love! It’s been extremely busy and haywire in my house lately.

I’ve been feeling very neglectful but just don’t have a finished project to post. Still, yes still, working on finishing my clapotis by Friday for the beach wedding of a friend. I plan to wear it with yellow capris and a sleeveless white jacket. Sandals are assumed!!! SO . . . . . I’m posting a slew of my projects that were quick and get my seal of approval for easy and fun as well. Hope you enjoy. ♥

Sorry, no links, but my project page on has them all. Just look me up: 34me

Baby Booties (still need felted – I hope to accomplish this effort along with several others awaiting the washer soon), Old World Booties by Gryphon Perkins, US 2 / 2.75 mm needles – 




Fun fur scarf (aaaaaaaah! beware the manmade fibers!!!!) BUT it is my warmest softest one and I do love the rainbow colors. My own fabrication: 34 stitches on size US 15 / 10.0 mm needles, and about 66 inches long (about 1.7 meters). I doubt I’ll do fun furr ever again since becoming a natural fibers snob!!!! heeee –


Beaded wrist warmers. a rectangle of stockinette. I could have strung the beads but decided instead to crochet them in with a chain stitch. Standard seaming leaving room for thumb. My own fabrication: US 3 / 3.25 mm needles





Market bag through the looking glass, Knitted Market Bag by Desiree Scales, Lily Sugar’n Cream. This has worked well also to hold all of my to-be-ironed clothing. Don’t ask how long they’ve been packed in. . ..





Zoom for wetjet FO. Zoom by Erica Brembos, Lily Sugar’n Cream Solid, US 7 / 4.5mm needles. I just wish I had more wood floors. We may just remedy that soon by ripping up the old LR carpet!




Felicity by Wanett Clyde, US 8 / 5.0 mm & US 10 / 6.0 mm needles, sugar and cream naturals. This whipped up in a jiffy and made a nice gift. It’s a different kind of hat, so make sure you know your recipient’s tastes. I just guessed but I think she liked it.





Pill box hats for toddlers, pattern eludes me in my many stacks and crevases at home. Intarsia was my own doing just for fun.


Drying with creative blocking, moebius bowl, Felted Moebius Basket by Cat Bordhi, US 11 / 8.0 mm. This was tough to understand at first but once you ‘get’ it, it is so FUN! I need to use some fabric stiffener to hold the effect I’ve created on the felted handle. Yes, I almost always diverge from the pattern. 😀 and, this started me on combining lace with the moebius to figure out and create my own pattern for Infinity Peacocks Moebius Wrap. Very exciting!


Knit One Save One,, US 6 / 4.0 mm & US 8 / 5.0 mm needles. My Thanksgiving project. I’ll probably repeat this yearly. I made 8 hats for infants around the world to help them survive their newborn days.



Yoga sock – gift!!!, Yoga Socks by Justine Turner, used Noro Silk Garden for lots of love!, US 3 / 3.25 mm. My bff opened the gift and couldn’t guess what they were! Now that I’ve told her and, since she adores yoga, she uses them all the time.



corky fun, Korknisse by Manne, somethiing fun to do with leftover sock and worsted yarns, US 2 / 2.75 mm needles. I won’t tell you the nickname some silly people at the winery call them!!! There’s always one in a crowd.





I hope this has appeased those of you who love to blog and read blogs. I’ll catch up again and get busy with my needles. Plenty of years and plenty of stash to go!!!!! 

All the best ~Anne