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Wha. . . . . . ?????

I made guage.

Some nice Classic Elite Desert. The striping won't do this on the full size jacket, but will be more of a mish mash. That's fine. I'll also have to consider adding an accent hood & placket color if I can't add more to my stock.

Hey, what happened to my resolutions? Hard to keep this jackrabbit down. I’ll just keep it on the needles (otn) until I get the WIPs finished. 😉

. . . . . . and if you believe that . . . . .



Mentoring the Craft

Have you ever been asked to show someone how to knit? I was graced by my niece last fall while visiting the family in Cincinnati. She came up to me fully prepared with a ball of yarn and needles.

Funny how I’d just finished a book speaking specifically about helping someone learn how to knit as part of it’s story line. . . I told her I’d cast on for her and she would learn to do the basic knit stitch until she got the scarf as long as she wanted. My Mom then, would cast off for her and the next time I or my Mom would show her how to cast on and off as well as purl.

Birds eye view of her skills

Birds eye view of her skills

She took to it like a fiend and knit almost the entire weekend! So cool.

Me looking on and coaching

Me looking on and coaching

What next?

It’s time to get back to my inborn need to create. I’ve created three beautiful children. I’ve created marvelous commercial spaces. I’ve created fun and utilitarian art and objects. My entreprenurial spirit is thrumming the chords again. I wonder where it will take me now . . .

Blast from My Past

Blast from My Past