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It’s Always Something

Sadly, it’s not knitting lately. Sorry fans, folks, mavens, lurkers. . . .

This IS a better year than last for many reasons though. I just haven’t been on the needles lately due to derailments in weather, important events, and unfortunate life issues. My FIL died last night. That’s the worst so we’ll be heading out in a few. I’ll take my knitting but don’t know if I’ll have any time or focus. ūüė¶ Sad, and we’ve been ‘waiting’ and praying, but the inevitable happened.

Feb 6 Snomageddon begins

That’s the bad. The good is more of a silver lining after a long arduous and physical trial. If you’re on the East Coast (USA), you already know how much snow was dumped on us in February. My front yard had 48 inches after two back-to-back blizzards. Fortunately, I was up on it with groceries (tp, milk, bread, eggs, tp, milk) and we survived our¬†twelve 24/7 days with the kiddos home, snowed in, and out of school. Shoveling was my mantra for the beginnings of each of the two storms. I got a great cardio workout and my torso felt it!

Still, no time to knit because I was catatonic on the sofa or taking long steam showers or sleeping! Then the laundry (dirty word).

The Olympics teased me on since many of my ‘imaginary’ friends were competing in the Ravelympics. I’ve been secretly jealous but knew I couldn’t commit. I did seam two shoulders of a sweater that I tried to finish — two summers ago during those Ravelympics (hiding my haid in shame!) heeeeeee

I also SCORED some wollmeise at TLE, so my mojo is cheering for me. . . . . considering it a birthday gift to myself!

Atrium / Lobby Ceiling

The past weekend’s excuse¬†was courtesy of my hubster. He treated me to a ski weekend in Scranton, PA at Sno Mountain and we stayed at the Lackawana Radison (an old but renovated train station).

Me & Hubster

I am now officially 29. and that’s a joke son. . .¬†I’m living my second lifetime now and with strengthened torso and leg muscles (silver lining) from shoveling, we made it through two wonderful days of skiing.

Spa special ūüėČ

Yes, I brought¬† my knitting, but did I knit? nope. ūüėČ I don’t think you would either if a jacuzzi was calling your name each evening with champagne and strawberries!! ‚ô•¬† Well, only one night. We brought wine and had it solo on the second dip. . . . . and of course, we had to watch the skiing and snowboarding and curling (dig the norwegian pants!!). I claim my heritage but not their fashion sense. ;p

I hope you enjoyed this post – sans the knitting. I’m not neglecting it, I’m just on the gerbil wheel of Life Interrupted. Cast one on for me and I’ll be right there with you soon.

All the best-




Bill the Cat

Does anyone remember Bill the Cat? It’s an old cartoon strip. I will not restrain myself from saying his favorite expletive: ACK! but I refuse to develop hairballs. heeeee Also, you cannot knit cathair, I said so.

This holiday season has been great. I mean that in the stress-free sense. I’ve allowed unimportant missives to go by the wayside. Yes, they are ‘important’ but I’m making a different scale this year and focusing on family and my sanity. No extranious gifts (sorry for those who loved my pear chutney), although every one of you is SO deserving!

Christmas cards and annual letter have not yet been started.

No rushed knitted gifts either. I have one that I’ll beg off a gift exchange for after Christmas and when she’s back in town. She’ll understand and probably be glad she has some extra time too!


Twister, the sister

Nope, I’ve hunkered down to take care of my one misfortunate cat (bladderstones), equally love the crazy one, and to spend what time I have: early each morning before busstops, chauffering home after¬†school sports/activities,¬†and listening whenever –¬†as best as I can with my kiddos.

Friday night date night has been established and has not gone the slow route (yet) to boredom. We’ve tried the movies, but you don’t really talk, bars are fine if it’s a last resort, mall walking is fine if you haven’t already done too much recently, but we keep steady (24 years and counting).

I think if I did this effort with my knitting, I’d be a rockstar. yeah right. Well, maybe the Knitting Harlot, or Anne Hanson . . . . make that a double yeah right.

So, the best idea I’ve had for my blog (here) is to photo the state of affairs of my knitting books. No matter that I’ve got 10 times worth of patterns and info on my desktop computer. Since I’ve been reorganizing, I know exactly where everything is! Alas, still not House Beautiful, but at least sorted and ready for the beauty when I am.

Santa came early, don't tell!

So, if you’re stuck in a rut, take some comfort that there is hope and you can get there one step at a time.

You can say, “ACK!” if you wish.

Just take that time to smell the roses and get your priorities taken care of first. It’s so important during the holidays. ‚ô•

Everyone will be talking. . . .

. . . about this event.

Take one mildly wet day, tall field grass, a long drive and a long walk, highly expectant spirits, lots of livestock and what do you have?

The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival at the Howard County Fairgrounds.

Wet and Overcast in Maryland

Wet and Overcast in Maryland

I was able to get on the road by 9am and face back-ups almost onto highway I-70 from the Baltimore crowd. It took about 20 minutes from the exit to the grass field to park. (I did a u-turn after going North on rt 32 to skip some traffic). Don’t tell!


Spirits were high as I soggied my feet in the knee-high-alternating-with-trampled-and-driven-on grass. Despite wet peds, I braved the ending sprinkles and mud puddles and came, saw, conquered my first visit at this event.

Spring Lambs

Spring lambs

My favorite part was seeing all the Spring lambs grown to small sturdy kiddos baaaa-ing for mamas who were being groomed, fleeced, or shown. Those barns were full of sounds!


Who's Your Momma?

Who's Your Momma?

I¬†purchased some purple Alpaca/lambswool hanks and some pewter celtic style buttons. I’d have purchased more, but per my previous post, my SABLE is now exceeding two lifetimes. I must knit! and, I’m trying to shoehorn in the time this Spring. So busy!


Felted Rapunzel

Felted Rapunzel

Highlights: Meeting up with other Ravelers ( at the Rabbit barn, Seeing Jess, Casey, and Heather and getting a ravely button, meeting Laurie from PA and her daughters, seeing the variety of sheep, and viewing all of the fantastic entries: I especially liked the double knitting and felted sculptures.


Ravelry's Saturday crowd at the Rabbit Barn

Ravelry's Saturday crowd at the Rabbit Barn

I came, I saw, I conquered, then I crashed (at home on my bed) for a welcome nap!

Men, Sheep, Dogs, LEDs, and marvels. . . .

Credit is due to for posting this and a friend online red flagging it for fun. . . . and of course to the original creators. YouTube can be amazing. It’s too cool!!!!!