Knit, Seamed, Hot Felted in the Top Loader

The cadences and drum rolls from my son’s Christmas prezzie (drum set) have spurred me to complete another project so that I can finally say the drum roll is for me! Viola, a year long in the waiting (but which project hasn’t been lately)! I’m done. Check mark, notch on the pole, close the pattern binder.

Anne's Norge Slips

Here are my new NorgeSlips from a Drops pattern. I’ve already warned you that Drops writes patterns old-style so you really have to read and reread prior to casting on or continuing to the next section. This was a small and fast project. I say that with a smirk.

The knitting was on larger needles so the Bozo-the-clown finished product had shrinking room. They actually have been seamed since last February (that’s 09 folks). I set them aside to work on other projects and get more felted projects ready before I used so much water and spin for just this – the frugal side said ‘get a load’ or at least more than one project. . .

2009 came and went (and it went out kicking and screaming) but my slippers did not make the trip to the spin dry until this week. I can see where I would like to edit and how I could possibly spot shrink certain parts but for a first effort I’m very happy.

The name I’ve given has a reason. I plan to put puffy paint on the soles so I don’t go sliding or slipping — could be good ab exercise though. I’ll have to rethink that. 😉


2 responses to “Knit, Seamed, Hot Felted in the Top Loader

  1. lovely slippers there, I haven’t felted much at all. I think I am a failure at it or my washer is. I knit oodles, but don’t felt much, any words of advice.


  2. I adore these slips! They are my first wearable felted item. I must do more! I chose them because they were a small project and after doing the moebius bowls I wasn’t brave enough for larger – yet. I hope to get back into it this Fall so I don’t waste so much water felting just one thing!!! ♥ I used a load of old denim jeans and HOT water as suggested by a friend. It took a few loads to get it right. Shaped them over my feet over plastic grocery bags until mostly dry. Wet steps around the carpet!!!! heeeeee

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