Popsicle Toes iz always Froze.

Yes, I wear socks to bed year round. My feets are COLD! Can’t help that. I can wear sandals all day in the summer but bedtime calls for comfort and warmer than body temp. If you have access to some ‘old’ music. Check out Michael Franks : Popsicle Toes. Cute and nice harmonics.

Two completed Summer Sox

Two completed Summer Sox

Finished are the Cookie A. Summer Sox that were offered as a free pattern. I used a German sock yarn purchased about a decade ago in Michigan – during a ski trip. Finally am using some of my Stash. . . . It’s superwash and multi colored, albeit pastels. Some of you don’t like that, but for me, it suited the pattern name – being cooler colors, and since it was a wool, that cancelled out my concern about knitting wools in the summer! Don’t even ask how this mind works!!! I just knew I’d wear them.


katchen euphoria

Apparently, my cats like them too. Wool fiends. They take them off the bed and drag them around like a mother cat with a kitten by the scruff. Too funny. I find the socks in the living room when I’m home again. . . . not where I left them!

I did not block them but put them on just as soon as the last kitchner was done and ends all woven in. I’ve worn them many times and washed them too in the washing machine (sacriledge!!!) because they were super wash woolens. They are only slightly fuzzier and the pattern still shines through. Just the sock for my feetsies year round under the covers!

Oh, and I WILL wear them around without the cover of sheets. Just look down at my feet someday this Fall or Winter. You’ll see them! I’m happy to show off. They were fun. 😉


One response to “Popsicle Toes iz always Froze.

  1. Love the summer sox and in the pastels! :o) Kitty likes them too!!

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