KADD and Mojo return!

I warned you. my mojo was back, and I had a feeling my KADD (knitters attention deficit disorder) would return.

KADD made me do it

KADD made me do it

Well toss a free pattern my way and show me the SABLE (stash aquisition beyond life expectancy – mine’s x 2!) that I’ve aquired, as well as the recently tightened budget and viola! It just happened.


Artsy shot with yarn and pattern

Artsy shot with yarn and pattern

I’ve been queuing several of Cookie A’s patterns and even have a few that I got for free when they were offered. But, when I saw Summer Socks, the planets (in my head) aligned and I actually printed out the pattern instead of saving as a pdf file. Now it’s destined for a clear sleeve,  but I’ve already finished the cuff and one lace repeat on my first sock. I’ll need to locate those page savers soon so I don’t drip java!
One lace repeat completed

One lace repeat completed


I haven’t been this excited about socks for awhile. Maybe I’m getting it out of my system?

Well, enjoy the photos and hopefully the progress my mojo has generated!!!!

Knit on ya’ll!



2 responses to “KADD and Mojo return!

  1. WOO HOO – glad to see your Mojos back Anne!

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