Clapotis to date

Here’s the latest on my Clapotis. It’s the project I’ve been focusing on to finish before any others. My goal was March 31 so I could post on the Loopy Ewe website. I may not make it as I’m making it larger than the pattern calls for. There have also been MANY life issues lately that I haven’t had any control over, so I knit and calm myself and know that each stitch is worth it irregardless of deadlines. Knit on dudes!

Draped Clapotis on my chair

Draped Clapotis on my chair

Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert, Published in Knitty, Fall 2004 and available for free download at 

Needle: US 8 / 5.0 mm

Yarn: Fiesta Yarns Baby Boom, colorway: surf

How much?  3 skeins = 660.0 yards (603.5m) and I have one more skein on reserve if I decide I want to use it. . .

I’m still on the straight section and have done 15 drops.

I’m the KAL ‘leader’ on but there is no deadline there. I will post to my project page once finished and will encourage all still trying to continue on until done!!!! ♥


2 responses to “Clapotis to date

  1. Came over here from the TLE Clapotis KAL to see your blog. Wow, your message from late Feb was an eye-opener! What talents you have!!! You’ve been a great KAL host, but the designs for interiors and now knitting – WOW! Hope you find your new muse. We will all benefit!

    • You are very nice to say so! The reception desk in that pic was my design as was the compass pattern on the floor behind it in the elevator area. Hard to see. We worked as a team of about 7 or 8 on that project.

      Now, I’m a team of one with knitting and kind of like it. . . . I’ll keep everyone posted about my ‘muse’ as she becomes more tangible!!! ♥

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