Found Memories

Baby hatHere’s a find! I made this in 1993 after my daughter was born. It’s from a simple pillbox hat pattern (which I have yet to relocate) but I tweaked it with some of my own made up colorwork. All cotton and so tiny.

My daughter turned 16 today. She headed out the door in a new tiara (she wanted) and heels and peglegged jeans. All while carrying her gearbag for lacross, her backpack, and her purse.

She put her hand into the hat last night and could not believe how small her head had been. Hard for me to believe too. But a nice warm memory that knitting has blessed on me.


3 responses to “Found Memories

  1. Awwwww! What a special memory 🙂 they go from wee little to 16 in no time don’t they? Mine are now 28 and 25….can’t believe it!

  2. So sweet! I have a little box with some of the things I knit for my babies. It is hard to believe how little they were.

  3. So cute! I have trouble letting go of my kids’ tiny clothes.

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